Simon had never been to Frankfurt before, but he was extremely excited to find himself there. He’d heard stories from almost everyone at the office about how beautiful and sexy German escorts were, and he couldn’t wait to find out for himself.

Actual Hustle for blonde escort Frankfurt

It was a busy conference, but Simon managed to grab a few moments by himself to make a booking early in the day. This was one experience of German culture that he definitely didn’t plan to miss out on. He had seen an advert earlier in the day for Call Girls Frankfurt, and had taken down the number. Now, in a private corner of the smoking area of the conference centre, he dialed it in.

“Well hello there,” said a sensuous female voice on the other end of the line. “How can I help you today?”

Simon felt himself hardening up almost immediately. There was something about the voice and everything that it promised. He’d heard the phrase “blowjob lips” before… well, this woman had a silky smooth, sensuous and promising blowjob voice.

Simon explained that he was visiting Frankfurt. He only had that evening free, and he would love for a sexy blonde escort to visit him in his hotel room. He’d barely had a chance to look at the agency’s website, but the woman was very accommodating, and talked him through his options for that evening.

In the end, Simon made a booking with Wilma – a gorgeous native German lady a few years younger than him, who the woman on the phone assured him was very popular for her enormous breasts… and for her eagerness to give oral for just as long as her clients wished.

By the time Simon hung up he felt a little dizzy with desire already. Talking about Wilma with the woman had sent his imagination whirling into overdrive, and now his date with her in his hotel room couldn’t come fast enough.

He spent the rest of the day in a haze, his mind constantly drifting back to Wilma, and all the fun they were going to have that evening. It seemed to Simon that it was hopeless to try and think of anything else.

When the conference did finally wind up for the day, he was able to get back to his hotel room with an hour to spare before his booking. He spent it taking a long shower and making sure he looked his best. It was only with a few minutes to go before Wilma arrived that he realised he’d never gotten around to actually looking at her pictures on the agency website.

Simon picked up his phone and started typing, but before he could complete his search, a knock sounded on the door. He dropped his phone. She was here. It was about to happen. He could feel himself getting excited all over again.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door… and his jaw dropped. Standing there before him was the most stunningly attractive blonde woman he’d ever seen. From her soft hair to her enormous breasts, she was perfect. And, Simon could barely comprehend, she was all his for the next hour.

Wilma, seeing his astonishment, smiled. “Well,” she said, in perfect accented English. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”


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