post-title Celebrities Who Have Been Caught with Hookers

Celebrities Who Have Been Caught with Hookers

Celebrities Who Have Been Caught with Hookers

Celebrities Who Have Been Caught with Hookers

Celebrities are often accused of forgetting their roots and changing as a person after they have fully tasted the glamour in the industry. Many celebrities can be seen, working on a few projects while they tend to party like they have all the money in the world to spend on their lifestyle. Nonetheless, this can be far from reality and can lead to some serious financial losses if they continue not taking their career more seriously. Other than parties and drugs, celebrities are often accused of hiring escorts for elite events and later after parties.

A list of notable Celebrities caught with Escort Ladies

The top on the list of celebrities caught with prostitutes includes Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant is a British actor who was arrested in 1995 for having paid sex with a hooker in a public place somewhere in Los Angeles. The man was in Hollywood to promote his latest rom-com film, 9 months when he decided to drive down to Los Angeles infamous sunset strip at night and that is where he picked up a hooker named Divine Brown. After they were released an immediate statement of regret was issued by the actor apologizing for his actions and the embarrassment his coworkers had to go through because of him. However, the media was more interested in what brown had to say and news of the world paid $100,000 to her. Brown disclosed to them about the actor’s fetish about how he wanted to sleep with a black escort girl.

One of the most popular scandal cases of 1997 includes Eddie murphy who was pulled over on a fine Friday morning from a police officer on prostitute patrol. The officer claimed to recognize the hooker who got in Eddie’s car and therefore they were pulled over. The actor was soon released as he claimed to just be giving her a ride. Nonetheless, the 20-year-old transsexual prostitute said that Eddie offered her $200 to model lingerie for him.  

The third celebrity will not shock you much and many may say that they could expect this from the actor, Charlie Sheen. The actor is famous for his hit role in the sitcom, two and a half men and it won’t be a wrong assumption that the character’s role may be a bit inspired by Charlie’s real life. The man is reported to be equally party lover in real life as shown in his reel life. The man is reported to spend $25000 on a weekend with three prostitutes. Even as a teenager Charlie was always getting himself in trouble over things like stealing money from his dad’s wallet to pay a prostitute. Sheen’s friend and coworker from the show, Jon Cryer reported Sheen helped him hire an escort while he was going through a divorce.

Moving forward to Tiger woods who was accused of owing a total of $60,000 to Madam Michelle Braun. She disclosed sending numerous escorts to the famous golf player and sometimes she would send 2 duo escorts at the same time as he liked the girl on girl action the most. After one of his 12 mistresses came and revealed some of their intimate details on national television, the actor accepted that he had been unfaithful and was not proud of it. The man claimed to put his career on hold to save his marriage.

It’s not unusual when men deny accusations of hiring an escort lady because of the taboo attached to it. However, this may be an inescapable one for D’ Angelo as the singer was caught soliciting sex from an undercover female cop. The officer reported that the singer parked his Range Rover next to her vehicle and offered 40,000 for oral sex. The offer was denied and the celebrity was taken in custody around the west village neighborhood of New York.          

Coming to Jason Bigg who is known for playing awkward and horny characters looking to get laid. His personal life seems to have the same colorful nature in real life. The actor’s wife Jenny Mollen is said to have hired a callgirl for her husband and while he was attending to her, she was on the bed enjoying the show and having a bag of chips. However, the actor has been open about his experiences and says that it wasn’t that good towards the end. It took him 3 ladies, on three different days as he was not able to perform and the prostitute wasn’t interacting with his wife the way he expected.

Somewhere around 2006 and 2007, the daily news reported that Alex Rodriguez used to regularly hire escorts from madam Kristin M. Davis. The newspaper had also found some intimate email exchange between Alex and Kristin. The book House of Outrageous Fortune in 2013: Fifteen Central Park West, the Most Influential Address of the World, believes that A-Rod has ordered pairs of hookers at least twice a week.

The last but not the least interesting case was seen in 2007 when famous rapper Eve was accused of spending an evening with a female prostitute in Miami. The rapper however denied the rumor and claimed it to be ridiculous as even if she did want to have sex, she would not need to order a prostitute.

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