post-title How To Tell If A Woman Has Had An Orgasm

How To Tell If A Woman Has Had An Orgasm

How To Tell If A Woman Has Had An Orgasm

How To Tell If A Woman Has Had An Orgasm

Probably the hardest thing for any man is knowing when their women have reached to the point of orgasm. But even before we get there, we want our men to know that pleasuring a woman isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes hard work and it takes dedication. But worry not, with our expert guide and our knowledge, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the female orgasm. With that in mind, we will try our best to guide you in how to making your women cum, and when to know that you have succeeded.

Communication is Everything

Like we mentioned earlier that it is not an easy feat to make women cum, there are those women out there that are very well aware of this fact. Thus, in order to avoid the embarrassment, there are times when women fake their orgasm. A recent study in Kansan city showed that almost 67% of women faked their orgasm because they were afraid to disappoint their partners. But a real man would do whatever it takes to make sure that their special escort Frankfurt gets to enjoy sex as much as he does. Faking was directly correlated to the age, as the older the woman was it became harder for her to reach to the point of climax in a certain time. So, how can men tell and what should they do? Simple, the whole idea here is communication. Talking to your partner is the most crucial part. You need to keep an open communication channel where you know what things are stimulating her the most. Once you figure that out, you can easily keep on doing that exact thing that is supposedly helping her out. Surely any callgirl would appreciate such an effort. Plus, knowing what your woman wants in bed is something that shows care and love, and something that will make her fall in love with you. Because in the end, it is all about understanding the desires of each other and building a climax based on that. So, she will let you know herself what is working for her.

Target the Clitoris

There are certain positions during sex that focus solely on the clitoris, as this the most important part of the woman’s vagina. The Clitoris is where most of the nerve endings are, thus stimulation of the clit becomes an absolute must for any woman to make sure that she reaches to the point of climax. How can you help her reach there? As mentioned above there are various positions that can ensure that the clit is targeted the most. Having your “Woman-On-Top” helps. This is the most common position where the girls get to ride your dick according to their wish. They know which part of their vagina, and how they deep your cock needs to be in order to stimulate them. This also gives her the complete freedom and the authority to take you on a ride that you and her both alike will enjoy. The next is the “spooning”. This position is how you would normally spoon but with the benefit of penetration, and keeping a hand free to rub the clitoris. You need to continuously penetrate her while using your fingers to gently rub her clit. Though some men go crazy and hard with the rubbing which doesn’t always help. Again the communication here will help, as you can ask your horny escort girl the pace and way that she finds rubbing most helpful. Once the clitoris is stimulated enough, it will be pretty obvious with the shakes and the squirms that you have made your lady cum.

Toys and Patience

Waiting is important men! Women in general take a longer time to cum, and thus patiently waiting is the best thing that you can do. Most men cannot keep up with the time it takes for their girls to cum, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try. They should try to take small breaks without breaking the flow, such as holding the penis in the vagina for a while to make sure that they can control their orgasm. Or pinching the edge for a few seconds to retract the ejaculation. But using toys can be very helpful and a clear sign of when your woman has had an orgasm. Women love the extra helping hand, and while you are busy pounding that pussy, the toys can help them focus all the energy on their clit. They can rub the vagina with vibrators, and don’t worry, as a vibrator will not replace you. It will just be an extra sensation that will help her stimulate the vagina better, the main focus will still be you. As soon as she stops using the vibrator or the toy at hand, it could clearly give you a sign that she has either reached or is very close to reach to the point of orgasm.

The Shakes, Relaxation and Contractions

All women show their orgasms in different ways, and the three most persistent and common ones are the shakes, relaxation and contractions. The shakes are when the woman twitches, while not all, many women have hard orgasms that are clearly seen in the way they twitch. Their leg muscles and other muscles of the body are a clear sign that they have reached the state of orgasm as they are juddering off in the body. The relaxation is when you will see your women let go of the intense pressure that she has built up on her muscles during sex, and as soon as she is relieved, she will immediately ease the tension off her muscles and go in a relaxing state. The last and the easiest to spot is the vaginal contractions. The vagina like the penis pulsates when it reaches the stage of orgasm. Though more than a pulsating feeling, it is the contractions, the grip of the vaginal muscles that can be been seen vigorously contracting around the penis.

These are just some of the ways on How To Tell If A Woman Has Had An Orgasm, while there are clearly many other ways out there. These are the simplest and the easiest ones that a man could rely on while having sex with their Frankfurt escorts.

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